Slime Research Facilities: Fourth stage is out now!

Hello Slime's players, we are here to announce a new release! We put a lot of hard work to fix the bugs from the game jam and we listened to your suggestions and feedback and changed some controlls, implemented pixel art in low resolution so now it looks more beautiful and you can appreciate the pixels, and a lot of other things, check them out!

FOURTH STAGE RELEASED! This is our biggest announcement, we now have new mechanics and a different object to use, download the game and try it out! Later on there will be more stages (and hopefully more often) a little bit more challenging to crack your head solving them.

On other updates we have...

  • Code improvement
  • Joystick support
  • Merging works much better now!
  • Pixel art in low resolution
  • New merging controls: merge with c, unmerge with x
  • Mergeable objects detection, so you know what to merge with!
  • New obstacles
  • New mechanics
  • Now you can lose, so be careful!
  • Retry option, to start a stage from scratch as many times as you want
  • New UI, we reconfigured the main menu and the stage selection menu.

And stay tuned for what's coming :

  • New stages
  • New obstacles
  • New puzzles
  • New challenges
  • New sound fx with FMOD
  • Even better UI

Help the slime through his adventures, have fun and tell us what you think we could improve, always remember this game is on development and that we are indie developers so every feedback is very welcomed, thanks!

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Nov 19, 2019

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